Welcome to ShyperMetin2
The best English PVP Server.

Please do not give your id and password to any site except shyper-metin2.com anything else like shyper-metin2.webli.com it's a different domain and they are going to scam you. Also do not believe people that are telling you they have found pics of you. Always report to a gm if you find people trying to scam you! Shyper-metin2.com is our only official site anything else is not part of our server!

Welcome to ShyperMetin2

What you can find in our server?

2012 client, 100% English client
New Mounts, New Mobs, New Items, New Armors
New missions, Farm Maps, 90% english, No Lag, No Bugs
Max Level: 150, Max Status: 95, Deticated Server, 24/7 online

Have Fun! ShyperMetin2 Team